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Since puberty I always struggled with hypersensitive skin, which was very embarassing, especially as a teenage girl. I always hid myself away, trying to be invisible and using any cream or make up ended in an outbreak on my skin. But even as a 40 year young woman - not being burdened by this extreme acne anymore - I still hesitated to put any lotion or cream onto my face, since I had to face getting acne the next day after immediately. Which happened even if I used the expensive organic ones for sensitive skin. I felt whatever I put onto my face and also what I put into my mouth left me struggling with an inflamed reaction on my face. So I decided to address this issue with Anne in an RTT session and I am so very glad I did, since I uncovered a lot of underlying emotions that I had not dealt with. There was so much shame and pain stuck, that I was deeply emotionally touched finding out where this hypersensitive reaction of my skin came from. Even during the transformation I sensed that my skin tissue next to my eyes already started to feel wider, cooler, as if the pores were opening up and also my heart was opening up. And immediately after the session I felt a lightness in my whole body, so much tension expecially in my face was gone and I am now literally looking forward to face the world... The session with Anne was so skillfully tuned to my needs and she created this loving, caring and light atmosphere, where I felt safe. She has this amazing empathy and intuition providing a safe space so much needed for healing. She is a rare and shining gem, in whose hands you feel her beautiful skills to transform your life. Having an RTT session with her was an extraordinary experience and I can highly recommend you to having a session with her. And to me RTT is THE method, you will barely find any other modality going so quickly, directly to the core...
I went to Anne because I wanted to get rid of acne on my face, and gain my self-confidence back. I wanted to understand what was behind it, because if I could understand, I could make it go away. During the session I could understand where the acne is coming from, why do I have it. And Anne helped me tremendously to get this understanding and also to understand that I'm not a helpless child anymore and I have a choice, I can make a choice about what I think and believe. Now, I feel very grateful to my skin for showing me that something is not working in me and I need to pay attention to it. I felt astonished about my mind, what a program it was running up until now. It's been three weeks since the session with Anne and although the acne is not completely gone, my face is less inflamed. I feel more confident and I don't cover it up with make up anymore. I heartfully recommend Anne to be your therapist, you would be in great hands, because she guided me with love and care during the whole session and beyond. Thank you Anne!

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I did not have any specific hobbies or interests. The reason I asked Anne to do a life purpose session on me. She only put me in hypnosis one time which is not a hocus pocus way of which a lot of people associate with when thinking of hypnosis. During the session I was able to grasp important moments in my life for which were/are important for me in relation to the things I really like to do. It helped me a lot and thanks to Anne I have a clear view of what I appreciate to do. I look forward for a coaching session with her to setup an action plan on the topics identified during the hypnosis session.


Anne helped me a lot to manage my anxieties and my stress. After a hypnosis session of 2:00, she allowed me to become aware of my sometimes aggressive reactions, to have control over her reactions in order to avoid them and to have less irrational fears. A month later I feel more positive, and I have more energy to move forward.
Estelle (name changed)