Thank you for sharing your stories, your experiences, I really appreciate it  because I believe that your contribution brings hopes and a call to action for happiness to others!

« The brain can change and is happy to, if you help it to develop new neural pathways »-Marisa Peer-


Empowering Women and bringing their inner CONFIDENCE to life


“I had been searching for someone specifically skilled with self-esteem and confidence boosting, whilst keen to try something i hadn’t done before. I had done research on hypnotherapy before and it seemed very suitable. Your website was super clear, and made it obvious that this was what i needed- and the same for the first phone call with you!

I realised that i had patterns of problems that desperately needed to be dealt with and addressed in order for me to move on happily in life. I realised that all the mini issues i had in my life were down to some more serious issues that had repeated in my subconscious, and seeped out into my everyday life. 

My problems have always stemmed from anxiety, low self-esteem and overthinking. It felt like these issues were pulling me back in life, and constantly disturbing my inner peace and prospects of success in life. It meant that i had a series of unfortunate circumstances occur because of these three issues, and these issues have been part of my life since i was a small child.

I have tried CBT, which was fine at the time, but only felt like it momentarily helped. For example, i would feel great in the session but then back to anxiety afterwards.

I was open-minded, excited and keen. Unfortunately, people around me were skeptical, but that is because they only imagined the ‘woowoo’ mystical perspective, and not the real experience.

The entire experience was Amazing. From the word go you made me feel comfortable, and you understood entirely all the different elements i wanted to change and also who i am as a person. As a person, you yourself are very positive, confident and happy which makes it even more of a pleasure to have gotten these sessions from you. Overall, the entire experience has felt like a warm journey of welcoming myself to…me! I noticed the changes in my thought patterns even after the first session, and when i was not doing so well you were there so support me through messaging. I really enjoyed how each three session was very different, but just as beneficial as the last. My favorite thing has been the audios, it bring a huge sense of comfort to me that I can listen whenever i feel suit. They also have truly changed my thinking patterns!

I feel extremely grateful, confident and optimistic. i feel more aware and self embracing than i ever have before. All the troubles of the past are no longer holding me back, and i have a suitable place for them all. Furthermore i can always refer back to the tapes if i need to.

I am really looking forward making amazing relationships with others and myself, living in the present and letting go!!

What would you say to people who are putting off fixing their problems and frustrations in life?

To be open minded, life is not fixed at all!

What was the most important thing for you in achieving success with me?

That i realised why things happen, and that I am in control of changing them

Anything else to share Charlotte?

THANK YOU! you are super skilled and have changed my life long term! »





« I knew what kind of therapy Anne was doing, but I was in the system of waiting to enter into a PTSD clinic. After waiting for a long, long, long time to get my spot in a clinic I decided to scratch waiting and try RTT with Anne. One of the best decisions of my life. I was very depressed, not satisfied with where I was, how I was living,  was very confused about what I should do, how I should do it, maybe even afraid of what is and what might be. Definitely aggressive towards myself because of all those insecurities about existing in general. Through RTT I learned what my trauma actually is, or to better say what is the main feeling that connects to it. I have also learned how to approach a problem I might have and that is not as complicated as much as I am allowing myself to complicate it. To be honest I had a completely different vision of hypnosis (most probably it is because of TV representation of it); and was positively surprised that it is not a « witch craft » but an actual state where our brain and mind is cleaned of all outside inputs, possible to focus on only important things and things that matter for you, therefore you are able to work on yourself coming only from yourself, which results in more cleaner and stronger feelings about your life or anything else you would like to address through this therapy. If you have any kind of anger or sadness within you towards yourself or others, I would advise you to try fix these things through RTT or any other way, to be able to live to the fullest. Hopefully I will not need any more help from Anne in the future, but if there is a  problem, I know who to call first. »


“My life is 180 degrees in a second, I am going outside of my comfort zone and I am doing that by moving to a new country in one week from now because I have found a job. It has been really fast, in 2 weeks!!!. It’s kind of hectic in my life in the moment but it’s good because it’s the change I was needing at the moment and I will embrace it with “both hands” as we spoke about it, and this, is definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone or my safety bubble. I feel good about it, it’s the thing that I need and that needed to happen. «