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Kids Mindset Training

Our personalized approach addresses the unique needs of each child, helping them overcome challenges, develop mental toughness and thrive both on and off the field. Our approach highlights strengths and fosters their growth.

I’m not here to fix anyone. My role is to provide you with the tools and strategies to navigate setbacks and the rollercoaster of emotions, ultimately helping you unleash your full potential and cultivate confidence.

Feel calmer & more confident in your game with new tools
Learn to thrive under pressure and perform better
Learn & master new mental strategies to improve your game

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Performance workshops & specialized notebooks

Through Performance Workshops and specialized notebooks, we create interactive sessions that empower young athletes with the tools and techniques to improve their mental skills and elevate their performance in sports.

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Mentoring for Parents

I help parents to empower their child’s confidence and performance without applying indirect pressure or stifling potential through negative comments. By managing their emotional reactions, parents can fully support their child’s athletic growth and success.

1- Mentoring sessions for athletes’ parents: https://calendly.com/anne-delannet/

2- Online Mentoring Training: Introduction to emotional coaching for parents of athletes. Develop skills in emotional coaching in the sport field. Emotional sports coaching might involve helping athletes deal with stress, anxiety, motivation, and other emotional aspects that can impact their performance.

No prior knowledge required
Easy knowledge to implement right away
At your own pace
List item

Emotional Sports Coaching Online Course

–> 7 coaching sessions
–> Downloadable documents
–> 1 bonus

Available in English or French

The Elite Parents Club

We are providing a place for parents to share concerns, exchange advice and support each other in helping their young athletes perform at an elite level.

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