Moving from self-limitation to lasting self-confidence

I help women overcoming self-doubt and lack of self- confidence so they can move towards a better life and raise confident children with ease.

Let us remove the physical and mental pain so you can enjoy life again!

Self-Confidence Transformation Package

Self Confidence Total Transformation Package (SCTTP):

In just few sessions you will overcome SELF-DOUBT, LACK of CLARITY and FEAR of FAILURE to become VERY CONFIDENT and able to make BETTER DECISIONS FASTER to create the quality of life you desire

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Why this SCTTP? (and not another one)

  • SCTTP ends when you reach your outcome*
  • Online sessions (no waste of time)
  • Fast and Lasting results (your brain is rewired with the use of hypnosis)
  • Sessions are customized to your own needs
  • You learn strategies to cope with new challenges

*based on your own terms and goals defined at the beginning of the program

Get Excited to create the quality of life you desire

The process is easy!



This call (via zoom) is free of charge without engagement.

It is useful to gather information, ask questions, assess compatibility, and determine if we are a good fit to work together.



  • Review and sign your contrat
  • Proceed to payment via the link  (be sure to check the terms of cancelation)
  • Schedule your first session



As soon as your first session is scheduled I will send you a brief note to be prepared for your session.

Don’t move, I have more for you

Check here below a range of extra services created to build and grow your Self-Confidence

Vision Board

This resources will help you to

  • clarify your goals  
  • focus your energy

A Vision Board is a fun tool to create a roadmap for your future.

Tarot (of Marseille) of Coaching

Tarot of Coaching can benefit those lacking Self-Confidence in several ways and all areas of your life.

Mental Optimization-quick reboot

If you lack clarity, feel quickly overwhelmed & confused, unable taking decisions and have a constant negative inner self-talk, this mental optimization is a great start to bring awareness and get back in the saddle. 

You are not sure but you are definitely interested to know more?

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