We Empower Young Athletes

We help kids develop a resilient mindset so they can navigate challenges and setbacks without doubts and stress. They can perform at their best level and enjoy the game, all while thriving in every aspect of life.

Our Services

Fostering a winning mindset and environment for young athletes through parents mentorship, kids mindset coaching and specialized notebooks.

Kids Mindset Coaching

Our personalized approach addresses the unique needs of each child, helping them overcome challenges, develop mental toughness and thrive both on and off the field. Our approach highlights strengths and fosters their growth.

  • Feel calmer,
  • Boost your confidence level,
  • Learn mental tools and strategies to thive under pressure,
  • Absorb and apply naturally new skills to perform better.
Boy in Blue and White Baseball Jersey Running on Brown Soil Field during Daytime

Boost Potential Notebooks for Kids

Age-appropriate notebooks to help in mental preparation and/or goal-setting.

Mentoring for Parents

Learn to create and set a winning environment for your kid. Mentorship for parents & Online training to develop skills in emotional coaching in the sports field.

  • Together, let’s create the optimal environment for your child’s success!

About Anne Delannet

At The Life Coach by Anne Delannet, we specialize in creating a winning environment for young athletes to enhance their mental strength and nurture their passion, enabling them to perform at their full potential.

Our innovative approach cultivates a champion’s mindset, infusing excitement and driving them towards excellence in their athletic endeavors. Moreover, these techniques are transferable and applicable to all aspects of life, benefiting both kids and parents alike. What sets us appart?

Focus on Mindset and Emotional Intelligence
Parental Involment

Our Core Values

Dedication, integrity, and personalized support ensure that every athlete finds the perfect balance between achievement and fostering a passion for their sport.

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