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Unlocking Potential and Performance in Sports

At The Life Coach by Anne Delannet our objective is to raise awareness among children about the importance of working on their mindset and to provide them with simple solutions and techniques that can help them in competition as well as in their daily lives. Learning from a young age how to better manage their emotions, handle stress before, during and after important events that may be challenging, is an asset they can carry into adulthood. The support of parents is also a crucial focus in all the books and coaching services I offer. As a coach and hypnotherapist, I am passionate about personal development and I am constantly seeking solutions to help children explore their full potential, particularly in the realm of sports. I believe that sports provide an environment that fosters and stimulates this growth and lays the best foundation for our children’s future—the school of sports!

Our Unique Advantage

Discover the benefits that set The Life Coach by Anne Delannet apart:

Tailored- approach

– Our coaching stands out due to its customized and tailored approach. Unlike traditional coaching methods focused solely on physical performance, we delve deep into each child’s unique needs and challenges,
– We understand that every young athlete is different, so we personalize our approach to address their specific strengths, areas of development and specific goals,
– By tailoring our coaching to the individual, we ensure that each child receives the support and guidance they need to thrive both on and off the field.

Focus on Building a Winning Mindset

We believe that building resilience, confidence and a positive mindset is just as important as physical skills,
– Our approach goes beyond surface-level techniques to address the root causes of challenges, helping young athletes develop mental toughness and overcome obstacles,

Parental involvment

What truly sets us apart is our emphasis on parental involvement. We recognize the crucial role that parents play in a child’s development, both athletically and mentally,
Rather than focusing solely on the child’s mindset, we actively engage parents in the coaching process, making them integral members of the journey.
– Through our collaborative approach, parents gain valuable insights and tools to support their child’s growth and development, ensuring a supportive and nurturing environment both on and off the field.

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