Easy strategies for young athletes when everything goes wrong!

What if everything goes wrong during a game? No matter what you try, it doesn’t work! Some kids become discouraged and lose their composure and abilities when results don’t go their way. This feeling worsens when facing an opponent who seems exceptionally skilled or fortunate, consistently hitting the net, the lines, or when the referee overlooks a fault. How can young athletes continue to love the process, perform better, relax, and get into a winning flow? What are some easy strategies young athletes can implement when evrything goes wrong?

Here are 3 easy strategies

1. Remember Why You Are Here!

Remember your purpose, dedication and passion for the sport. Whether it’s the love for the game, your desire to be the best, or your commitment to your team, reconnecting with your motivation can reignite your drive and determination. Because every athlete who wins a major championship says, ‘It was my dream since I was a kid!’ So do not waste your energy on what is going wrong.

2. Use motivational self-talk to get back into a winning flow

Be your own coach and use positive self-talk to boost your confidence and motivation. Encourage phrases like “I can do this,” “I’m capable of overcoming challenges,” or “I can be quicker on the next shot.” “KEEP PUSHING, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE NOW GO FOR IT!” By reframing negative thoughts into positive affirmations, you can shift your mindset and approach challenges with renewed optimism. Motivate yourself as if you were encouraging your best friend!

3. Stay in movement

Keep moving to maintain focus and momentum, whether it’s by moving around the court or field, staying engaged in the game, or actively seeking opportunities to contribute. Movement keeps the body and mind engaged, helping athletes stay sharp and responsive to the demands of the game.

EXTRA BONUS TIP: Be Prepared for best and worst case scenarios

Highlight the importance of being prepared for both the best and worst case scenarios. Whether it’s facing match point or penalties, young athletes should be mentally and physically prepared for any situation. By anticipating and preparing for tough moments, they can better handle challenges when they arise.

Conclusion: With these three essential strategies—remembering their purpose, using motivational self-talk, staying in movement, and being prepared for any scenario—young athletes can effectively overcome challenges and use these easy strategies when everything goes wrong. By tapping into their motivation, fostering a resilient mindset, staying in movement, and preparing for tough moments, they can navigate obstacles with resilience and .

Useful Link:
Resilience – What does it take to be Australia’s elite athletes? Full videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kuyjTkYRc8

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